Our Deliverables

Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa/Korban Photos and Certificate

As part of our services, we will provide aqiqah/nazar in Indonesia participants with Certificate of Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa (Sijil Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa). The certificate will be given in softcopy as e-cert in order to ensure the certificate is received in time and in good order. We will be collating all orders in one month and emailing out all aqiqah/nazar certificates at the end of the month. This is to simplify the issuance process and to ensure all certificates/reports are processed correctly. 

For aqiqah/korban/nazar in Australia, we will perform the rites in Australia. The chilled meat will be flown to Singapore which will be further cut into smaller pieces before collection/delivery. Since every participant will receive the meat, the certificate would not be provided unless customer make the request during ordering in our website. 

For korban/qurban rites in Indonesia, the korban certificate is an option. We may issue certificate based on customer selection during ordering. 

Sample of the certificate and report for aqiqah/nazar in Indonesia are shown below. 


Aqiqah Singapore Sample Certificate

Aqiqah Singapore Sample Report


In addition to certificate and report, the aqiqah/korban/nazar participants will also receive a set of photos of the ritual process starting from animal selection, slaughtering until distribution. We will send the photos as a link to our cloud storage or we may also upload the photos in our Facebook page.

Add-On (Optional) Video Documentation Service

As part of our effort to provide a more transparent approach on the process of our aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa in Indonesia, we are offering an optional video taking service of the aqiqah process for your documentation. The video is normally taken in Full HD (1080p) quality and rendered in .mp4/.avi format which is playable in most of todays smartphones (iOS/Android) or PC/Laptop.

This add-on service is only applicable for aqiqah/nazar order which is done online through this website. If you are interested with the service, you add this service during checkout. The video normally would be ready 1 week after the aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa has been completed.